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Today it’s my pleasure to chat with prolific author, Victoria Lamb, who also writes as Elizabeth Moss

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Victoria, many of your books have been set in the Tudor period. Why did you pick this era in particular?

Some of my earliest reading in historical fiction as a teenager were books by Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt, including some of her classic tales about Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley and Lettice Knollys. So when I was starting out as an historical writer, it made sense to turn first to periods I had enjoyed reading about when young. I also write Regencies as Elizabeth Moss, another favourite era inspired by reading the wonderful Georgette Heyer. Tudors are very popular right now, probably because we can relate to them rather more easily than to characters in the Middle Ages; they’re like us, but not us, and I think that’s very appealing to people who want a…

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About victorialamb

I write books for teens and adults. Some of them are historical in nature, some are paranormal, some are both. I have five children, a dog and two cats. We are currently considering a goat, but my husband is thin and has a beard so that may suffice.
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